'bunny' vrchat model package

stupidbaby (daisy)
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✦ ˚ . ˚ . uses unity version 2019.4.31. ✦ ˚ . ✦ . ˚


♡ an optimized (green) version of bunny

Optimized Version Features:

♡ physbones ready (same nose boop, head pat, boob + breast, and ear reactions as main version, but no audio or particles.)

♡ avatar lighting slider

♡ shoe toggle

♡ hair glitter control

♡ hair glitter hue

5 hair colors

♡ hair emission control

♡ hair emission hue shift

♡ rgb mode for emission + glitter

♡ emotes

Main Bunny Features:

♡ physbones ready (everything grabbable, ears posable)

♡ toggle for bubblegum pop animation

♡ nose boop reaction with squeak audio and star particles

♡ angry reaction when ears and tail are tugged too far

♡ happy headpat reaction with bouncy hearts (changes color with outfit hue shift)

♡ bavi particle effect and audio when bamecube controller is touched

♡ blush reaction when breasts or butt are touched

♡ a sussy follower pet with walking animation and audio (changes color with outfit hue shift)

♡ birby plush toggle that makes a birby noise when touched with left hand

♡ toggle to slap others with audio and particle

♡ purple wisp springjoint for left hand, pink wisp springjoint for right hand

♡ toggles to disable particles, and toggle to disable audio

♡ toggles for hoodie, tanktop, pasties, NSFW and shoes

♡ toggles for mic on headphones, headphones, bamecube, and bamagotchi

♡ includes 3 skin tone materials in files (vanilla, caramel, and chocolate)

♡ toggle for bunny ears + tail, long hair, and pigtails

♡ avatar lighting control

♡ eye hue shift

♡ outfit hue shift (all pinks)

♡ outfit RGB toggle

♡ toggle for black + white outfit

5 hair color toggles (white, blonde, brown, black, and purple)

♡ hair glitter control

♡ hair glitter hue

♡ hair emission brightness control

♡ hue shift on hair emission

♡ RGB hair toggle

♡ toggleable marker (can erase and change color)

♡ emotes

7 facial gestures with ear movements

♡ fbt ready

♡ dynamic penetration setup for vag and mouth (must own and import DPS yourself)

Credits to:

please do not asset mine ♡ buy everything from the original sources! if you need links/more info, DM me on discord @ stupid baby#6969

  • Open -READ ME- first. Includes unity package, FBX included ♡

  • Size
    705 MB
  • Open -READ ME- first. Includes unity package, FBX included ♡
  • Size705 MB


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'bunny' vrchat model package

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